Keeping Your Kids Safe Online: Article Roundup

June 19th, 2013 in Online safety


My daughters are small (ages 3 and 6). And to be honest, I haven’t monitored their online activity very closely, mostly because when they get on our iPads or the computer, my husband and I are always nearby. Proximity equals supervision, right? Wrong. To my horror, about a week ago, I found my eldest surfing YouTube. She had been redirected there after clicking on an ad in a gaming website we allow her to play—on a gaming site that is supposedly “safe.”

Clearly, it was time for the Pérez household to pay a little more attention to our children’s online behavior. As a co-founder of Blogglebeans, I’m quite familiar with online safety for kids. What I wasn’t as sure of was how to talk with my children, how to start locking things down and how to keep up with changes in technology. Luckily, my personal assistant, Google, was quite helpful. And I thought these articles might help you too.

How to Talk to Your Child about Online Safety

The first step in keeping your children safe online is having an honest conversation with them. I found lots of great tips and ideas in articles from Scholastic, and Common Sense Media.

Consider a Contract

If your child is mature enough, you might want to consider having them sign a contract regarding your family’s rules when it comes to being online. GetNetWise, and Protect Every Child all have samples you can adapt for your family.

How to Lock Things Down

So, like me, you might want to lock things down, but aren’t sure where to start. Sharon Carleton, a Blogglebeans co-founder, provided some great info in her post, Tips and Tools for Parental Control, or you can check out the articles below:

Keep Up with Your Child

With new apps and websites launching every day, it can seem impossible to keep up. If you’re not exactly an early adopter and you find the thought of keeping up overwhelming, Parents Magazine had some great suggestions in this post: 3 Ways To Keep Current on Changing Technology. Common Sense Media’s weekly column, 5 Things You Need to Know This Week is another great resource to follow. They’ll make sure you can keep up with your child when it comes to the latest and greatest.

What articles have you found most helpful when it comes to keeping kids safe online?


Betsy Pérez

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Betsy Pérez
Betsy Pérez is a co-founder of Blogglebeans, a website where grandparents and kids can play and share, and the lead brand strategist and producer. She is mom to two girls, ages 4 and 6. @betsyperez